How’s your hearing? Your sight?

How's your hearing 








Proverbs 20:12 (NLT)
Ears to hear and eyes to see—both are gifts from the LORD.

I can see a beautiful, early morning snowfall outside my window. Steady. No wind. Blanketing the ground and accumulating perfectly on the trees and rooftops. Stunning. I am grateful today for my eyes and the ability to see all that surrounds me.

Yesterday, I was listening to a new worship project. It was really, really good. I get to do that as part of the work I do. It’s a privilege and I am so thankful to be able to hear good music and occasionally even great music. And, I am even grateful for the ability to hear and not enjoy music that isn’t so wonderful!

Yes. Ears to hear and eyes to see are both tremendous gifts and blessings from God. Today, I am encouraged to ramp up my awareness of these simple, significant gifts. To acknowledge the Giver and His goodness. More consistently.

There’s another dimension of hearing and seeing that is ours, too. An amazing gift from our Father…part of our new life in Christ. Beyond the physical. Beyond the obvious. A progression over time. Things changing, being made new, and renewed in us begin to change us. One of the best indicators is how we see and hear things differently than we did before.

Maybe we don’t hear everything as an insult or an offense or as condescending and belittling anymore. Or, we don’t hear things in a way that sparks a critical, judgmental and superior response inside us. We are able to discard or respond differently to hurtful or angering situations because we “hear” them differently.

We can “hear” and “see” the confusion and pain, frustration or unresolved anger (that very often has NOTHING to do with us) behind whatever is being said to us, how someone is responding to us, or what someone does to us.

We can “hear” the Holy Spirit whisper or declare the TRUTH to us that trumps whatever card the words spoken are playing or circumstances are laying on the table. What kind of things is the Holy Spirit speaking to our “ears to hear?” To our hearts?

“You are the beloved and precious daughter/son of God Himself.”
“You are righteous. Not because of what you’ve done or not done. Because Jesus made you righteous.”
“You are never alone.”
“God is never going to leave you or reject you.”
“God is for you. You are a winner.”
“_________________ (fill in name of person speaking to or about you) has hurts and wounds you don’t know about.”
“Just smile and say you’re sorry if something you’ve done has upset ______________. It will help ______________ know the truth.”
“God’s got you in this. He’ll make it all work out. For your good. You can trust Him.”
“You’re not who you used to be. You’re new. I know it. You know it. Rest in that. Don’t let your past bother you. It doesn’t bother Me. It’s gone to Me. Let it be gone to you, too.”
“I love _____________ so much. Be gentle. Be an ambassador I can use to draw ____________ to Me. _______________ needs peace and needs what you’ve got.”

Perhaps we can sense the hurt behind the smile and seemingly happy words that wouldn’t have penetrated our consciousness previously when we encounter someone. We can hear the insecurity behind the loud bluster of a bully. We can feel the weariness in a young mother’s “thank you” when we tell her she has a beautiful baby. We can hear the loneliness behind the endless chatter of the stranger who engages us at random.

Wonderfully, we also begin to hear the small cautions and instructions of the Holy Spirit as we contemplate choices…in words or phrases that whisper or even holler and shout inside us. Sometimes in impressions and either a positive “yes” glow or an unsettling “no” accompanied by the desire to step back. Other times, just a “knowing” to not choose yet – there isn’t enough information or distance from emotion.

We no longer just hear with our bodies. We hear with our spirits, too.

We start to “see” with our spirits, too. Opportunities we might have overlooked previously. Ways to serve something larger and more significant than ourselves. Motives and agendas…good or bad…in situations and people’s hearts that we encounter – and our own. Ways to overcome failures and mistakes. New, gentler and humbler ways to handle our successes. Options that never seemed to present themselves before. Potential in people and things we would have written off previously. The need to walk away from things we would have clung to and tenaciously followed to destruction before our “eyesight” got better. The place for grace – for ourselves and others.

So many people think that if we live our lives “supernaturally” that means we operate in the spooky and spectacular. Maybe it does occasionally. More often, the supernatural occurs because we are new and now have the Holy Spirit living in us as our Helper, Comforter, Guide and Counselor. He’s here to reveal all Truth to us and show us the things to come. (John 16:13) As we acclimate more and more (by being renewed in our minds and directing our thinking and perspective Romans 12:2, Philippians 4:8), things get clearer and clearer. Our spiritual eyesight and hearing get keener and improve day by day. We don’t just get the text, we get the subtext and the context. We don’t just get the picture, we get the bigger picture. That’s just His way. Better and better. Higher and higher. Deeper and deeper. Clearer and clearer. It’s a process. And what a great process.

Shhhhhhh. Listen. You’ll hear it. Pause. Close your eyes. You’ll see it. He’s just that good. To us. To you. To me.

God is good and He adores us. He really, really does.



God has brought me to reality many times through Debby’s writing. Her study of scripture has allowed me to see God’s hand in my circumstance when I haven’t been able to see it myself.
Susie Whitson